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Mom Approved Formula 4.98/5

Easy to digest goat milk proteins

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Gentle for little tummies

Kabrita formula is based on Dutch goat milk. Kabrita milk has a light taste and is gentle on your baby's stomach.

The world's #1 goat milk formula

Kabrita products combine the natural benefits of Dutch goat milk with a modern formula of ingredients supported by the latest scientific studies.

Why Kabrita Goat Milk Formula?

Kabrita Goat milk based formula is naturally easier to digest, mild in taste and rich in critical nutrients. Families across the world are discovering the health-promoting benefits of goat milk based foods for their little ones.


Formula You Can Trust

With over 75 years of formula experience, Kabrita is the #1 goat milk formula worldwide, feeding 1.5 million babies daily.

Why Kabrita?

  • More than 75 years of experience
  • #1 goat milk formula worldwide
  • Non-GMO ingredients
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