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Mom Approved Formula 4.98/5

Easy to digest goat milk proteins

Kabrita UAE

Breastfeeding is best

Breastfeeding is the optimal choice for mothers who are capable of doing so, as it provides numerous advantages for both the baby and the mother. Breast milk contains all the essential nutrients necessary for a baby's healthy development, especially during the initial six months of life. Moreover, it contains antibodies that boost the baby's immune system and protect them from infections. If you have any concerns or questions about your child's feeding and growth, it's essential to seek advice from your healthcare provider.

Maintaining proper nutrition is crucial for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. When breastfeeding is not possible, infant formula can serve as a substitute for breast milk. However, opting not to breastfeed or using partial bottle-feeding for an extended period may lead to a decrease in your breast milk supply, and it could be challenging to reverse this decision later.

When using infant formula, it's vital to carefully adhere to the feeding guidelines and preparation instructions. Incorrect usage or improper preparation of the formula can have adverse effects on your baby's health.

Before introducing formula feeding, it is wise to consult your doctor or healthcare professional for guidance. Additionally, consider the social and financial implications before making a decision about using infant formula for feeding your baby.