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Mom Approved Formula 4.98/5

Easy to digest goat milk proteins

Kabrita UAE

FAQ Category: Kabrita

Kabrita goat milk baby products are made from the highest quality Dutch goat milk, which is supplied by certified and exclusive goat farms to Osnutria Hybroca and Hyproca Nutrition.

All Kabrita goat milk products are produced in our own factories in the Netherlands.

Kabrita is a premium brand of product produced by Hyproca Nutrition, a subsidiary of Osnutria Hyproca. The prestigious Dutch dairy group of companies consists of three well-known dairies:

  • Dairy Haybroka - located in Umen since 1897.
  • Hipproca Lempf - located in Kampen since 1936.
  • Hyproca Laibak - located in Leeuwarden since 1936.

Over the years, our laboratories have supplied baby products to many premium brands, including the Big Four.

Due to the delicate nature of our products, all stages of production of Kabrita goat milk products take place in our own factories. This allows us to closely monitor product quality at every step of the production process, thus ensuring that we provide the absolute best quality products for your little ones. After the completion of the production process and quality control according to strict standards, Kabrita goat milk products are exported to the countries of the world, where local partners and distributors help in providing Kabrita mild goat milk products to consumers.

The easiest way to verify that you have an authentic Kabrita product is to check the factory code for your Hyperca Layback. This code is NL Z0828C EC and should be on the bottom of the box*.

* Please note that in China this number is printed on the side of the package and in Russia this number is not placed on the package, due to local legislation reasons.